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On the tenth day of marketing, my agency gave to me, a brand for a community.

Brands aren’t just for businesses.


Cities and towns are competing for dollars too, from tourists, residents and businesses. Having a strong and defining brand identity can help turn a location into a place where people want to live, work and visit.

The North Pole Visitor’s Bureau wanted to help drive more tourists, but struggled to clearly articulate why they should be a travel destination. Most of their material revolved around specific features – the toy-making facility, the sledding hill, etc.  – but nothing tied it all together. After extensive research that included interviews with residents, a visitor survey and a working session with the local town council, the brand became clear.

The North Pole is “Where the magic happens.”

As with all brands, actions must line up with words to actually change perceptions. The Council was committed, and started making changes to infuse magic moments into essential services and communications. Now it snows inside Town Hall, there are hot chocolate “water” fountains throughout the town square and jingle bells play when the crosswalk signal turns green.

Thanks to the new brand, tourism has never been higher, and the economic development commission just signed a deal with a new manufacturing company, Sleighs R Us.

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