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On the sixth day of marketing, my agency gave to me, an annual report to show profitability

2017 Coal Lumps, Inc. Annual Report Cover

Annual reports typically aren’t the sexiest marketing projects.

They aren’t often even seen as marketing projects at all, but financial statement required by the board of directors. That’s all changing, and Coal Lumps, Inc. is on the cutting edge.

An annual report still needs to capture all the facts and figures shareholders look for, but it can also serve as a touchstone for your company’s brand. As more and more companies are turning their reports into an opportunity to showcase their company’s business victories, culture and vision. This one for Coal Lumps, Inc. goes the extra mile to highlight its position as a disappointment brand. It also takes the time to outline its new initiatives, including a focus on sustainable coal products and a new line of customizable coal alternatives.

With the Naughty List growing at unpreceded speed and the demand for Coal Lumps at a record high, now is the perfect time for Coal Lumps to stand out.

Curious about the future of coal, or interested in investing?


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