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“We didn’t know you could help us with that!”

We’ve heard it so many times. When we share that Propel offers business advisory services, our clients quickly realize we aren’t your average marketing agency. After twenty years in business and working with C-level leadership and teams across the corporate world, we know there are so many things to consider beyond the ads, the whitepapers and clever design.

We focus on workforce development, communications and marketing. Improving business performance, turning risk into opportunities, developing talent, managing crisis, creating connections and enhancing value are at the core of what we do for our customers.

Our clients have real business challenges that Propel’s senior staff is prepared to support, because we have navigated these waters with our clients for two decades and we’ve invested heavily in these services to ensure we are ready to meet our customers where you are. When you face difficulty communicating your company’s purpose to employees, the ripple effects that mergers have on people and processes or when you want to support employee, manager and team development and engagement, we are ready to jump in.

Services Include:

  • Marketing Plan Audit
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Communications
  • Jump Start
  • Crisis Communications
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