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On the second day of marketing my agency gave to me, a corporate event with a sponsor strategy

International Elf Symposium graphic with illustration of elves

Corporate events are fun, right?

Well, they can be, but someone (or a lot of someones) has been working round the clock for months to be sure you have a good time and are well-informed. Even Elf Symposiums are complicated!

You need to book travel and venues, line up speakers (Santa is tough to schedule), and make sure their presentations are top notch. There’s hot chocolate to order – make sure you have non-dairy! – and sponsors to satisfy, signs to design, bands to book (Christmas carols only!), and nametags to run. The to-do list is long, and if done well it all looks effortless.

With only 54 days to go, we’ve got the logistics nailed down, and now we’re moving to the agenda, and how to deliver smart content in fun and engaging ways. Those Elves have short attention spans. There are still parties to plan – and we may have a flash mob on speed dial. If you have a recommendation on where to find 500 Christmas trees in February, or would like to sponsor our wooden toy roundtable, give us a call.


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