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Our Worst Client

Like a lot of agencies, we’re our own worst client. We ignore all of our best advice: take a look at your brand every couple of years and make sure your messaging still holds up; invest in a new website every five years or so; refresh your brand if it has evolved past your current identity.

Yep – didn’t listen to a single one of those practical words of wisdom. Oops. But we’re making up for it now.

Over the past few months, Propel has been going through the hard, arduous task of rebranding. We realized that like so many companies that are working as fast as our fingers can stand, we had evolved past our brand while we weren’t paying attention. And we didn’t just want a new logo. We wanted to do it right.

Because, as we’ve preached time and again, a brand is more than a logo. It’s the experience our clients, vendors, staff, and partners have with Propel. Sure, we want to look good, but we also want to communicate who we really are at our core.

So we went through our own process. Research. Brand discovery. Hard questions. Messaging. Forward-thinking. Color arguments. It was exciting and painful. It’s hard to be critical of something you built, even as you try to build it even stronger. We definitely prefer creating the amazing options, rather than making the tough decisions. But, that process made us define who we are and where we’re going.

You can see the new logo and website (business cards on the way!), but what we wanted to tell you about is what the logo means to us and what you can expect from Propel.

Our logo represents forward motion – for us, but more importantly, for our clients. We want to keep pushing our clients to meet their goals. We want to keep pushing ourselves to not rest on the status quo, but constantly ask, “what’s next?”

Marketing is moving faster than ever. Propel is always set on play – we’re not one to push pause.

Ed founded Propel in 2002 after a career managing corporate communications, public relations and marketing for large international enterprises, early-stage ventures and high-growth companies, including SAS, Peopleclick, and BuildNet, where he was a senior member of the corporate communications and investor relations team. Ed oversees all agency operations and provides regular client consultation as Propel develops programs that fuel lead generation, thought leadership and brand awareness.

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