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On the fifth day of marketing, my agency gave to me, five hundred retweets

Twitter feed of Frosty's social

Social media is hard.

It looks easy, because you already know how to post to Facebook about what you had for lunch. But social media for businesses is challenging, and requires constant care and feeding.

Frosty’s wanted to build a loyal customer base that would participate in events at the brewery, and so we aligned their social media strategy to focus on that goal.

That meant fewer posts on which stores sold Frosty’s beers and more about what was happening at the brewery itself. We helped Frosty’s reach out to local food trucks to start Food Truck Fridays and promoted that on social media – and had the food trucks, with their loyal following, do the same. A monthly editorial calendar ensured posts happened regularly, and we spent some time identifying other accounts to follow and engage with.

The breakthrough moment came when the internet exploded over a post of the inaugural toy makers vs. cookie bakers snowball fight. You can’t really plan when a post will go viral, but when it happens, it’s a moment of glory.

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