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On the ninth day of marketing, my agency gave to me, collateral for a sales opportunity.

Sales and marketing teams are constantly at odds.


At our client IT List, marketing was tasked with generating leads, and the sales team with turning those leads into new customers. The departments blamed each other when sales were stagnant, even though Claus Cloud was the industry leading product. It was a mess.

But, the solution was pretty easy.

We helped IT List’s marketing efforts prioritize a new audience – the sales department.  As we created better sales enablement tools like this data sheet, battlecards, use cases and other materials, the sales team had an easier time communicating IT List’s offerings and value add.  Sales was better equipped with the tools they need to do their jobs. Marketing saw their hard work of generating leads come to fruition. Profits went up.

When marketing supports sales, everyone wins – except those elves that are now out of a job thanks to the efficiencies of the Cloud.


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