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As a growing agency, we have new faces in the office every once in a while. Today we’re introducing our newest graphic designer, Kristen Kokkelenberg.

Propel: Welcome to the team, Kristen! Thanks for joining us.  

Kristen: Happy to be here! 

Propel: We love to get to know our coworkers here at Propel with a little blog about them — and now it’s your turn! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself first?

Kristen: Of course! I grew up Holly Springs, NC just outside of Raleigh and graduated from Appalachian State. Which means I’m constantly missing the mountains and taking day/weekend trips to Boone or Asheville, but I love Raleigh too! I have a sweet dog named April, she’s full of energy and personality! I’m constantly dreaming of farm life, I want to eventually have a farm outside of Raleigh and own goats, chickens, maybe cows… you’ll find soon I’m very obsessed with pretty much all animals! 

P: I think we can all agree the mountains are pretty great, but we’re glad to have you here in Raleigh with us! Since you’re our newest creative, what’s your favorite part about being a designer? How did you get interested in graphic design? 

K: I love the challenge, being able to execute a variety of compositions for one idea is SO much fun. I love having to see things in different ways every day. It’s also nice being able to help businesses with their graphics – bringing a vision/idea/brand to life is really rewarding! 

P: Love it! You’ll definitely get to work on a lot of cool and exciting projects here at Propel. Now for one of the most important questions: what’s your favorite food?  

K: Pizza all day every day, and not flatbread…. That doesn’t count as pizza. Flatbread is a scam. 

P: Well it’s not tacos, but pizza is something we can get behind for sure. Agreed that flatbread is a scam. Besides eating pizza, do you have any hobbies?  

K: I really enjoy running and baking… counter-productive activities I suppose! 

P: Life is all about balance, right? What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?  

K: Can blankets count? Or a sweater? I’m ALWAYS cold so I constantly need a jacket with me or a blanket 

P: A very respectable answer, at least a few of us are guilty of having back-of-office-chair-sweaters that don’t leave the office (a few snuggies might even live in drawers). Now for the last question: We’re all about being a superpower for our clients, so what would your superpower be? 

K: Function on less sleep! If I had more hours in the day to do things and not be tired that would honestly be ideal. That’s not really a fun superpower I suppose but it’s so true! 

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