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On the eleventh day of marketing, my agency gave to me, an infographic for a Festivus party.

Content with compelling images average 94% more views than content without.

So, adding visuals to your content strategy is a no-brainer. But go beyond the typical stock photo.  Infographics like this one communicate substance, with style.

Donder is part of the Reindeer Collective, which runs a robust content syndication campaign around fair treatment for the sleigh drivers.  We created this infographic to tie into Fesitvus, a holiday extremely popular with reindeer worldwide, and drive traffic to their website.

With so much content circling the internet, infographics can help make boring content interesting. No one wants to just read a list of complaints – but add some images of carrots and bourbon, and suddenly you’re a viral sensation.  We earned thousands of social shares from of the International Elf Coalition alone, who were particularly drawn to “completely unreasonable work deadlines.”

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